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Travelling With Children

* When it comes to family travel, having travelled for years with our own children, our main advice is to plan and prepare as much as possible in advance. You will enjoy your holiday and outings much more that way, you might even get some time for yourself if the kids are occupied!

Before you travel

* Research your chosen resort and accommodation carefully check all children's facilities and ensure you pick the right holiday for you.

* Book a reliable safe transfer from the airport to your resort.

* With Quick Transfers, when booking a ''shuttle transfer'', an extra seat is required if you are adding a baby / child car safety seat. This will be classified as an additional seat and charged as such.

Kids on planes

* Ensure that you leave plenty of time to get to the airport and to check-in for your flight. Unless you have pre-booked and paid for seats together, you will not be guaranteed seats together so it is  first come, first served regarding seat allocation.

* Pack all your child's essentials such as nappies, milk, food, toys, books, games, puzzles, electronic games, portable DVD player and any medication in your hand luggage.

* You will need to keep them entertained on the flight and not all aircraft come fitted with TV screens and suitable viewing for children. So take along some favourites but also some new items such as colouring books, paper, pencils, reading books, games, cards, favourite teddy! It is important to keep the kids occupied - for their sake, your sake and your fellow passengers sake!

* There are of course security regulations regarding liquids which can be taken through the airport but many airlines don't include an in-flight meal nowadays and snacks sold onboard are often expensive so go prepared with suitable snacks.

* Ensure you pack enough to account for flight delays of at least 24-hours and misplaced luggage on arrival.

* Rapid changes in cabin pressure can make little ears "pop," so keep drinks or dummies available for takeoffs and landings. Sucking helps reduce ear sensitivity so even sweets might help for older kids.

* Airplanes present unique challenges for parents with young children. Kids under the age of two are not allocated their own seat but must be secured by a special seat belt, on an adult's lap during takeoff, landing or bouts of turbulence.

What to pack

* One serious childhood sunburn can increase a child's risk of developing skin cancer later, so sun protection is a must. It also leads to lots of tears and a miserable few days for everyone. Pack baby-safe sun block, sunhats, UV-blocking sunglasses etc.

* Insect bites aren't just itchy, they can cause serious illnesses. Adult insect repellents may be too harsh for young skin, so pack gentle, child friendly insect creams, lotions or sprays. If you're traveling with baby gear, don't forget mosquito netting for your pushchair or travel cot.

* Planning to use bottled formula? You'll also need an insulated storage cooler. Un-refrigerated formula can become contaminated in just a few hours, especially in the heat so you will need to keep it cool.

* Bring your child-friendly first aid kit with pain reliever, bandages, plasters, antiseptic ointment, tweezers, thermometer, etc.

* Remember to pay for travel insurance before you leave home this is an absolute essential. Sometimes local treatment isn't available if you are in a non-EUC country but in others, you would prefer to visit a private clinic or hospital anyway. When it comes to your child's health, you can't leave anything to chance.

* You can't destroy all the germs in the universe, but you can minimize your child's exposure to them. In addition to indispensable wipes, consider disposable seat covers, antibacterial hand lotions and soaps.

* Visiting water parks, parks, local attractions or other crowded areas? Dress your child in bright clothing so he'll stand out from the crowd. In addition, consider bringing a child hand strap to prevent you from getting separated.

* Many hotels might offer a cot but often these are not up to the same health and safety standards we are used to in the UK so if in doubt, take your own travel cot.

* Just in case, create a "if I get lost" plan and go over it with your child plus attach a note to their person giving contact details such as your mobile phone number and the name of the accommodation you are staying in.

When you arrive

* Childproof your accommodation.

* Drink plenty of bottled water.

* Read any literature provided by your Travel Company or local agent.

* Try to give adults some time out every day - let Mum have time to sunbathe in peace and quiet, or let Dad have a quiet drink on his own or with new friends. Remember, for most families this is the most time you will spend in each others company over a whole year and the experience can be a bit overwhelming!

Kids On Quick Transfers Wehicles

* When you are booking SHUTTLE TRANSFERS with us, we highly reccommend you also add a baby/child car seat to your booking. You will see this on the 'extras' section of your booking, and once booked, you will automatically see an extra seat added to your booking, due to the space required in the vehicle.

* When you are booking PRIVATE TRANSFERS, please ensure that there is space for car seat.

  Thank you for choosing Quick Transfers.

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